The Word Tweet is Added to the Oxford English Dictionary

Twitter_Icon_Round_Edges_PNGThis week, Twitter has finally arrived! The official word, 'Tweet,' has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary and will get full recognition from generations to come.  What's next, a star on Hollywood Boulevard? I'd like to see the bird that gets cast for that role!  Perhaps Big Bird can audition to become the spokesbird for Twitter, just in case Sesame Street gets canned due to budget cuts.

I remember when KIIS FM morning dee jay, Ryan Seacreast started talking about 'tweeting,' and 'hashtags,' and the average listener was thinking, 'What is that?' Next, the celebrities got in on the action and drove traffic to the site, tweeting about their daily musings and pontifications.  Finally, 'everyman' got a Twitter account and we learned how to edit our thoughts into 160 characters or less - a true reflection that our communication style has been reduced to soundbites. In the beginning, the act of tweeting seemed random to anyone over the age of 50, but now Grandmas and Presidents have joined this Twitter conga line.  Many tweets include inspirational quotes, celebrations, brand promotion, and good old-fashioned sharing from one human to another.  This addition marks an evolution in our communication and shows that celebrity has its benefits...power to change and influence culture.

Here it is, the definition of 'Tweet' in the Oxford Dictionary.

Definition of tweet


  • 1 the chirp of a small or young bird:the gentle tweet of a bird can be heard
  • 2 a posting made on the social media website Twitter:he started posting tweets via his mobile phone to let his parents know he was safe


[no object]
  • 1 make a chirping noise:the birds were tweeting in the branches
  • 2 make a posting on the social media website Twitter:she talks about her own life, but she’s just as likely to tweet about budget cuts and Keynesian economics [with object]:she tweeted a picture of them smiling at the camera [with clause]:he tweeted that he would be willing to take a lie detector test [with direct speech]:the president tweeted: ‘After you vote, tell your Facebook friends—“I voted.”’
  • [with object] communicate with (someone) on Twitter:email us, tweet us, go to our blog, and find us on Facebook

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